NBA Live 2005

NBA Live 2005

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Primacy rating resets: If you are thinking about editing players' primacy level so that certain players get the ball or shot more or less, don't even waste your time. Another stupid error with Live 2005 is that every time a player gets injured or comes back from an injury, the primacy levels for that team resets to default.
Fix to not being able to create players in season mode: Well, if anyone try transferring players from a downloaded current roster to your season mode, you will notice that you get an annoying error. Live 2005 is stupid that they don't allow you to create players in season mode. Well, this is the best solution that I found, it's kind of stupid but it works.

Before you start your season, go and create a bunch of players for each position. Don't even need to give them names or anything. They will go into your free agent as "forward" "center" and so on. Now when you start your season and if you ever need to create players, just go into edit mode and edit those players you created before to the players you want and add them to a team. If you already started your season then you're *uck!
NBA LIVE 2006: Does anyone have any desire to get this game? It took me a long time but I just finally got Live 2005 to play the way I want it too. Hell, if I am going to spend another year of my live trying to get Live 2006 to play the way it is suppose to play. I am not even going to touch 2006 until some one tells me that the blocking has been fix!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

NBA Live 2005 Patch #1:
1) Allow viewing of statistics in substitution mode
2) Save game stats during game play, online, and exhibition games
3) Carrying player stats over to next dynasty season
4) Save roster load into game at startup
5) Improve shoe graphic

Download Patch

Except for the first and maybe the third fix, the patch doesn't do much. Out of my ten most annoying poll about Nba Live 2005, only one was fixed. I guess 1 out of 10 isn’t so bad when it could be worse.
NBA Live 2005 Slider Settings: After hours of messing around, I finally found slider settings that seem to match that of NBA. I have eliminated a lot of annoying things that originally came with the game. These settings work very well for me but feel free to adjust them to your likings.

Level: All Star
Quarter Length: 10 mins
Game Speed: 50
Free Throw Difficulty: 55
Boundary Force Field: 34
Injury Frequency: 55
Fatigue Effect: 49
Charge/Block Foul Frequency: 60
Shooting Foul Frequency: 33
Reach-in Foul Frequency: 10
In-air Collision Foul Frequency: 100

User Sliders

User Steal Ability: 40
User Interception Ability: 41
User Shot Block Ability: 31
User Dunk/Lay-up Block Ability: 10
User Freestyle Effectiveness: 45
User Dunk vs. Lay-up Frequency: 13
User Substitution Frequency: 50
User On-ball Defense Assist: 47
User Offensive Rebounding: 50
User Defensive Rebounding: 79
User Fakeout Discipline: 50
User Short Range Shooting: 43
User Medium Range Shooting: 45
User Long Range Shooting: 45
User Dunk Percentage: 45
User Lay-up Percentage: 50
User Adjusted Shot Percentage: 42
User On-ball Defense: 35
User Poor Release Shot Percent: 43
User Double-team Effectiveness: 55
User Pro Hop Effectiveness: 0
User Drop Step Effectiveness: 0

CPU Sliders

CPU Steal Ability: 40
CPU Interception Ability: 41
CPU Shot Block Ability: 31
CPU Dunk/Lay-up Block Ability: 10
CPU Freestyle Effectiveness: 45
CPU Dunk Frequency: 19
CPU Substitution Frequency: 50
CPU Offensive Rebounding: 50
CPU Defensive Rebounding: 79
CPU Fakeout Discipline: 50
CPU Short Range Shooting: 43
CPU Medium Range Shooting: 45
CPU Long Range Shooting: 45
CPU Dunk Percentage: 45
CPU Lay-up Percentage: 50
CPU Adjusted Shot Percentage: 42
CPU Adjusted Shot Frequency: 43
CPU On-ball Physical Defense: 35
CPU Poor Release Shot Percent: 43
CPU Double-team Effectiveness: 57
CPU Pro Hop Effectiveness: 56
CPU Drop Step Effectiveness: 56

Editing NBA players’ abilities
Decreased every players shooting abilities
and 3 point shooting abilities by 1
Decreased blocking rating by 15
Decreased inside abilities by 15
Decreased steal abilities by 10

Things that were fixed.
- Less blocking. Increasing air collision and foul frequency makes it harder to block. Blocking average is about 4-6 per game
- More fouls. If you try blocking everything that comes your way, it is likely your players will be sitting on the bench with 2-3 fouls in the first quarter. Make wiser decisions and only block when you are not in the position of fouling someone
- Less steals but better team defense. Steal average is about 7-10 per game.
- Hard for Centers who are not talented to score.
- Harder to make off balance or adjustable shots. Reverse lay-ups are not 100% anymore, more like 40%
- Harder to make 3’s, you can't just come up and shoot, you have to make an effort to run your offense if you want to score, average about .30-.45% from 3’s
- More injuries, most NBA players do not play at 100%
- Less dunks and more lay-ups
- Harder to score when being double teamed, making players more willing to give the ball up
- More charges
- Realistic scoring, most of you will end up shooting somewhere in the range of .375-.475%, depending on the team you play with and how patient you are with setting up and running plays

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Blocking solution to NBA Live 2005: One of the biggest disappointments with Live 2004 was that it was too dam easy to block, well that is the same with Live 2005. I am averaging about 15-20 bpg with crapy shot blocking teams like Hawks. If you play All-Star or higher mode, computers will block you like crazy too. Here is the best solution I found so far. This works best if you play with All-Star mode.

1) Change computer's adjustable shot frequency to 100
2) Decrease both user and computer blocking abilities to 30
3) Change lay-up, dunk block abilities to 10
4) Increase in air collision to 100
The draw back with decreasing blocking abilities is that it becomes easier to make shots. To compensate for this
5) Decrease every player’s shooting abilities and three point abilities by 1 (except players on Charlotte Bobcats, Live made them worse than they really are)

In reality when a player goes up for a shot, they make every attempt to adjust from being block. Every time a player attempts a block, there is a 75% of fouling the players. These changes will compensate for these errors. Blocking will dramatically become harder and it will make computer and you think twice before you try blocking.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Nba Live 2005 is out!: Anyone got the game yet? I am still waiting for the PC version. Let us know what you think about the game.
Hating on NBA Live 2005?: There were some negative feedbacks on the site saying that I am hating on Live. First of all, I do not hate NBA Live. I am probably one of the biggest Live fans out there. However, this does not mean that I can not voice my own opinions on what Live can do to better game playing.

People who know most about the game are the one who can find faults, challenge it, and change it for the better. A lot of people just play the game, as it is designed and reflect little on how it can improve. For those who either play basketball or watch basketball their whole life knows how the real game is play and we can obviously see that the game does not reflect realism.

In fact, I believe the reason why most sports game are not realistic is because it is trying to attract players who are not true game or sports player. Players who are not true game or sports players wants the high flying basketball game where you can dunk every time and score when ever possible. Live even said that the “pro-hop” was purposely designed for people to abuse it, particularly those who are new to the game. Something should not be designed for another purpose other than to reflect how the real game is play.

For others like me, I want it to be realistic. I want to see computer set up plays; I want to not be able to score over 150 pts. per game. I am tire of being able to score over 30 pts. with G. Ostertag, I am tire of being able to block 10 shots per game with Yao, and I am tire of computer not giving Shaq or Duncan the ball! For those of us who noticed these differences, it is no longer fun. That is why we are critiquing it, editing it, and trying to change it. I encourage anyone who finds any problem with the game to voice their views because that is how changes are made.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Nba live 2005 release dates changed:
Nba Live 2005 Prima Strategy, Nba Live 2005 X Box, Playstation 2, and Gamecube was moved up to 9/29/2004.
Nba Live 2005 PC has been moved back even more to 10/27/2004. What a bitch!
Nba Live 2005 Player Ratings: IGN Insider starting releasing NBA Live 2005 player ratings. Here is the rank of the top five players released so far. I am assuming that T. Ducan would be up there once the Spurs rating comes in.

1. K. Garnett 97
2. K. Bryang 94
3. S. O’neal 92
4. T. McGrady 90
5. P. Pierce 89

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bad things about Nba Live 2005: Well, if you are expecting live 05' to be a huge improvement from Live 04', you are going to be very disappointed. The changes are not anywhere as dramatic as people have described. Don’t just believe me watch it for yourself; Rockets vs. Spurs.

- Defenders still guard too close; you still hardly have any room to create. I was told changes were made. So untrue.
- Computer still don’t give the ball to the star players, T. Ducan got the ball once in the first quarter only! Come on Live crew!
- Still too easy to block, Yao had 3 blks in 5 min.! This was probably the biggest complaint and it seems nothing has been done about it.
- Computer still does bad passes; when passing the ball to post players, you’re not suppose to pass it from the top. You’re supposed to pass it from the corner.
- Computer still don’t close in when you drive to the hoop. McGrady and Yao got to the hoop many times without other players closing in on them.
- Players are still making shots that aren’t part of their skill abilities. Meaning that S. O’neal can still make fade aways. How many times have Shaq actually attempted and made a fade away shot!
- Pace of the game is still too fast. Most of the time Yao was still in the back quart when McGrady already took a shot.
- Still too easy to make 3's, McGrady and J. Jackson were making 3's even with defenders right in their face. They weren’t even open!
- Still too many inside shots, 3 pointers, and not enough mid range shots.
- Still able to move people out of you way when you’re driving to the hoop. Realistically there should be a collision and a foul being called. But like 04’, you can still move defenders when in mid air.
- Computer still don’t set up plays.
- Still no referee interactions
- No stamina, I’m surprised this hasn’t been changed. Everyone knows players get tire and their stamina should influence their performances.

Of course, the playing might change based on who is playing the game but overall I was very disappointed. I hope that the Live crew gave users even more flexibility to edit the game because it seems very like 04’.

- The only positive I found was the fix on the pro-hop. I didn’t really see anyone being able to abuse it.